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SuperMenu Kiosk
Modern, easy-to-use platform for self-service restaurant ordering.

SuperMenu Kiosk can increase your clients average check size and reduces lines.
Optimize your clients square footage and support them with SuperMenu Kiosks that increase productivity.

Kiosks alongside staffed terminals
Don't let staffing constraints hold your clients back from serving more guests.

KDS Integration
Route orders directly to your clients kitchen to increase throughput and productivity.

Running a quick service restaurant isn’t easy. Neither is finding ways to maximize revenue – especially as wages rise. SuperMenu Kiosk Self-Ordering helps upsell every order at the POS by guiding guests to order and upgrade items, generating more revenue for your clients in the process. With an automated SuperMenu Kiosk point of sale, your clients guests can order at their own pace and build their meals the way they want without needing to ask for help. By automatically offering them upgrades, the SuperMenu Kiosk can prompt your clients guests with upselling opportunities they might not have known were available. Because your clients counter workers and servers don’t need to concentrate on taking orders, they’ll be free to improve the overall experience of your clients customers. By making ordering easier and freeing up time for their employees to focus on other tasks like boosting sales, a fast food SuperMenu Kiosk system can improve your clients operations dramatically.

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