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Seamless Integration, Ultimate Usability, Total Affordability.

SuperMenu POS is on On-Premise, Perpetual, Pay-Once POS software. We are not a direct to end-user software developer with monthly POS software license fees. SuperMenu POS started in 2003 and offers 1000's of configurable options, and 1000's of business's are using it. SuperMenu POS offers the easiest POS software exclusively to resellers to help their restaurant clients with the tools they need to easily and seamlessly take orders and process payments. SuperMenu POS software is time-tested with all the important features needed for all kinds of restaurants to successfully operate on a daily basis. SuperMenu starts with a time tested, full featured POS software.

We have all the major card processors available to work with SuperMenu POS. Then we offer powerful CRM marketing options, and state of the art online transactions, all designed by us in-house.
SuperMenu has a variety of affordable Point of Sale software solutions for restaurants of all sizes. We can help restaurants with all Point of Sale needs plus much more. If you are a merchant service company needing the right restaurant POS software to process credit card transactions. Please contact us, we can interface to your processing partners.

SuperMenu POS provides comprehensive and easy-to-use front end features for all types of restaurants from quick-serv, corner cafe', bar pub, pizza delivery, to upscale dining and more. Our user-friendly integrated POS solutions are guaranteed to save time that merchants can invest into further developing their business operations with enhanced control through integrated customer relations management features and comprehensive reporting systems.

SuperMenu POS offers a customizable GUI, so you can fine tune it's appearance , and just offer functions buttons necessary for each different installation. This will make the training process much easier. SuperMenu POS is a Java design that runs on Windows, and can be used with all major POS hardware available in our marketplace.

SuperMenu POS offers multi-lingual operation. You can display 1 language or both languages in the order screen, and 1 language or both languages sent to the kitchen printer or KDS.

No expensive Windows Server O/S needed. No inconsistent 3rd party RDP software needed. Just get your tablets on the wireless network and copy in and install SuperMenu POS on the device. Then directly connect SuperMenu POS to the Database. The SuperMenu POS Java time tested menu design will not corrupt as with some of our POS software competitors. LEARN MORE ABOUT Mobility

Seamless Integration, Ultimate Usability, Total Affordability.

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