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SuperMenu Kitchen Monitor works on a variety of inexpensive hardwares. You can use a low cost I/O Mini PC with a Monitor, KB, Mouse or Bump Bar. You can use a I/O Mini PC with any size Touch Monitor. SuperMenu will work with Microsoft Surface or a similar Windows Touch Tablet used as the Kitchen Monitor. SuperMenu will work with standard AIO POS Terminals.

SuperMenu Kitchen Monitor can support up to 8 Kitchen Monitors. Supermenu Kitchen Monitor has flexible features that will allow you to select the number of boxes, 3-6 for smaller monitors, or up to 12-18 boxes for widescreen 20+" touch monitors. Kitchen Monitors can be configured in Horizontal or Vertical operation. Complete boxes or individual items in each box can be bumped and the individual items will change color. SuperMenu Kitchen Monitor has a Time Counter function that can be can configured in number of minutes to change color and alert the operator. SuperMenu Kitchen Monitor works in conjunction with Kitchen Printers.

Touch or Bump Bar, Your choice.

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