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SUPERMENU CRM (Customer Relations Management)

SuperMenu POS offers fully integrated email & text message marketing systems that provides users the best value by using their own SMTP server accounts to achieve the maximum savings and flexibility.

Click here to view a sample email blast:

Our dedicated website allows restaurants to create online coupons and flyers using templates with their own logos and images.
SuperMenu email Marketing manages the audience by integrating with our online ordering system. Customers who place orders online will be entered into the email list and will receive promotional emails sent from the CRM. The restaurant owner can create coupons and send via email with a single click. SuperMenu email Marketing also manages the opt-out process for compliance purposes with no additional cost.

Like email Marketing, the text marketing program lets restaurants send promotional text messages to their customers. Our online and POS system captures the mobile phone numbers of consenting customers and maintains the list for marketing purposes. You can create daily specials or hourly specials in the POS and send the text with a simple click. You can create coupon codes and text them to your customers. Customers can show the message on their cell phones to get the discounts without the need to print coupons.


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