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If you are a SuperMenu User or not a SuperMenu User, we can login and setup a link to SuperMenu Online Ordering. If you are not using SuperMenu POS we can install it on one of your existing POS stations to receive the orders. We can also tie in your existing POS Printers to send the Online Orders to your kitchens. These orders can arrive and be reviewed by management to release to the printers. You can also begin to send texts and emails to your existing clients as well as new ones that use the Online Ordering Services.

  • Online Ordering
  • CRM Text, email Marketing
  • QR Contactless Table Ordering
  • QR Online Menu & Wait-List
  • Enterprise Gift
  • Enterprise Loyalty
  • Online Reservations
  • Curbside Delivery
  • Cloud Backup & Reporting Portal
  • 3rd Party Online Ordering Sites
  • 3rd Party Text Marketing

SuperMenu Online Ordering System is fully designed and supported in house and is fully integrated with SuperMenu POS to achieve the maximum efficiency.
Our solution totally eliminates double data entry and messy faxes since all online orders are transferred and saved into the POS directly and automatically. SuperMenu Online Ordering System can also be fully integrated with secure credit card processing software to further save restaurants valuable time and money. SuperMenu Online Ordering System is completely compatible with any smart phone that can be used for surfing the web to allow mobile ordering anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of our many users: Click to view live sites.

CRM - Customer Relations Management
A by-product of SuperMenu Online Ordering is data. We have the tools to stay in front of your customers by sending out promo's and coupon's, etc. SuperMenu CRM can support both email & text blast's.

Sample email blast: Click to view


SuperMenu has Contactless Table Ordering. Customers sit at a table, scan a QR barcode that is presented on the table, and place orders. The orders will be sent to SuperMenu POS and will print at remote printers or display on kitchen monitors. The customer will be prompted to pay by credit on their phone, or they can choose to leave cash at the table.


Designed for 2 or more locations looking for gift controls. The SuperMenu enterprise gift card solution is seamlessly integrated with SuperMenu POS. The enterprise gift card system allows the sale of e-gift vouchers online and then redeem e-gift vouchers at the POS or Supermenu online ordering. The enterprise gift card system is designed to support 2 or more locations to manage all gift activities no matter were the gift voucher is redeemed.

Centralized loyalty accts can accumulate activity from multiple restaurant locations by in-store transactions at the POS and or online ordering transactions. Rewards then can be redeemed online by the loyalty patron.


Like SuperMenu Online Ordering System, SuperMenu Online Reservation System is also fully integrated with SuperMenu POS to achieve the maximum efficiency. All online reservations will be transferred to the Restaurant POS system to allow the hosts to easily manage the guest list and open tables along with regular phone reservations.

SuperMenu Online Reservation System is also integrated with SuperMenu Loyalty Reward program to give customers additional reward dollars for reserving tables especially for large parties. SuperMenu Online Reservation System is also integrated with SuperMenu email & text Marketing program to help restaurant build up customer email list faster and easier.


SuperMenu has an Cloud Solution to backup SuperMenu POS in a variety of time increments, daily, hourly, every 5 minutes, and real time. The Cloud Space allows immediate access to the BackOffice and secure data controlled by you that is a mirror of data at the site. All the comprehensive reporting, menu changes, employee changes, etc. are at your access.

SuperMenu POS offers an integration with "Its a checkmate" which allows SuperMenu POS to work with 100% of the popular 3rd Party online ordering sites, such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, etc. Contact us to learn more.


One of the powerful convenient options we provide is "Curbside Pickup". When customers place orders online they can select pickup or delivery. If a Pickup is selected an additional selection of Curbside or Walk-In is requested. Curbside will prompt for a vehicle description such as model/color, or license plate #. The POS operator will text a notification from the POS when the order is ready, and the customer will reply to the text to confirm when they have arrived at the Curb. Staff brings the order to the curb with the cars description on the receipt.


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