Aldelo POS 2013   DRIVER DOWNLOADS - Peripherals
  Aldelo POS 2013 - Call for email Link  Printer Drivers
  DownloadAldelo EPS DownloadSamsung Bixilon SRP275 Printer Driver
  DownloadAldelo POS Installation .doc DownloadSamsung SRP275 Net Configuration
  DownloadAldelo POS Training Manual DownloadEpson Printer Driver APD_455EWM
  DownloadAldelo POS Owners Manual DownloadEpson APD455dEWM (TM-T20)
  Aldelo EDC DownloadStar TSP143 Printer Driver 32 Bit
  DownloadEDC Pre-Requisite Installer DownloadStar TSP143 Printer Driver 64 Bit
  DownloadSQL Express 2008 32 Bit DownloadStar SP742 Printer Driver 32 Bit
  DownloadSQL Express 2008 64 Bit DownloadStar SP742 Printer Driver 64 Bit
  Aldelo EDC 6.5 - Call for email Link  
  Aldelo Utilities  
  DownloadKDS Utility & Setup .zip Touch Drivers
  DownloadEDC Delay Batch File .zip DownloadPOSX Touch Driver TM2/TM3
  DownloadCustomer Database Importer DownloadPOSX Touch Driver TM4
DownloadTouchWare Touch Driver
  Aldelo Documents DownloadElo 1515L Touch Driver
  DownloadOwners Manual 3.8xx Legacy DownloadBematech LE-1000 Touch Driver
  DownloadAldelo Setup Manual - Legacy  
  DownloadAldelo EDC 6.2 Manual MISC Drivers
  DownloadEDC 6.2 AFRService Setup .doc DownloadDigital Persona DP4000 Driver
  DownloadEDC 6.2 Installation .doc (XP) DownloadSIIG SERIAL CARD PCIE DRIVER (.zip)
  DownloadEDC 6.2 Installation .doc (Win7) DownloadPOSX RD2/4 Rear Display Setup
  DownloadEDC 6.2 Upgrade .doc (XP) DownloadPOSX XP8200 Pole Display Setup
  DownloadFingerPrint Server Manual .pdf  
  DownloadKitchen Display Server Manual .pdf  
  DownloadAldelo Polling Server manual .pdf Misc. Utilities
  DownloadAldelo Liquor Controller Manual .pdf DownloadMS Cash Drawer Tester (Serial)
  DownloadAldelo Gift Card Server Manaul .pdf DownloadAdobe Acrobat
  DownloadAldelo Media Display Manual .pdf DownloadEpson Ethernet Utility
  DownloadAldelo AFR Tools Manual .pdf DownloadEpson Logo Utility
   DownloadEDC 6.2 Deployment (pdf) DownloadSQL 2008 32 Bit
  DownloadEDC - AFR Service Deploiyment Win 7 DownloadSQL 2008 64 Bit
  DownloadMicrosoft .net 4.0
DownloadWindows Tweakui XP Utility 


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