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   Aldelo Manual 3.8.xx

   EDC 6.2 AFR Service Setup doc

  EDC 6.2 Upgrade Doc's (XP Pro)

   Aldelo Media Display Manual

   EDC 6.2 Installation Doc's

    Aldelo Setup Manual




  POS-X EVO TM2-U Touch Driver (XP Pro)  Download


  POS-X EVO TM2-U Touch Driver (Win7 Pro)  Download

  POS-X XR210 Impact Printer Driver   Download


  POS-X XR-210AE - Ethernet Utility  Download


  POS-X XR210AE Ethernet Setup (pdf)  Download

  POS-X EVO RP1-U Thermal Printer Driver  Download








 Elo 1515L Touch - DOWNLOAD   

 S300 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD  

 SRP275 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD  

 Epson Printer Drivers - DOWNLOAD  

  Star 500 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD   
  Star TSP600 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD  
 Star TSP143 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD   
Star TSP143IV Eco Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD   

 Star SP700 Printer Driver - DOWNLOAD   

IDT-3331 MSR Utility - DOWNLOAD 
 Windows XP Utility TweakUI - DOWNLOAD   


       TouchWare - DOWNLOAD


         Netmos    PCI Serial Card - DRIVER


            Logic Controls LE-1000 TOUCH DRIVER


            Digital Persona DP4000 Fingerprint Reader Driver

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