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It all starts with AADS Terminal Services which is an Installed Utility on your Aldelo File Server. AADS allows multiple RDP (Remote Desktop) connections to your File Server by your existing POS Stations and Hand Held Wireless Devices. AADS has a 5 user, a 10 user, and an unlimited user version.


The Kingdel i7 Mini Wifi PC is recommended as a Super-Fast File Server w/Aldelo POS using the AADS Terminal Services (RDP) approach.

The Open Mesh A62 Access Point is recommended to easily and reliably allow your Aldelo POS Wireless Devices to stay connected in your Aldelo POS Network.

The Netgear GS108 POE 8 Port Switch is recommended to Join your existing Aldelo POS Touch Stations and your Aldelo POS Wireless Devices to your Network. A POE Switch offers Powered Network Ports so it can provide Power to your Access Points necessary to connect your Wireless Devices to your Aldelo POS Network.

The Protech MH5100RA 10.1" POS Tablet is recommended as a durable POS Wireless Device for Aldelo POS that offers Commercial Grade Wifi. This is not a Personal Internet browser type Tablet for home use. It's design has a Super Rugged, Protective housing, with Integrated MSR Reader and Integrated User Strap to help prevent it from being dropped.

The Protech MH5100HZ Charging Cradle Stand can allow MH5100RA tablet to be docked, charging, being used as a traditional POS Station, and then removed when needed to take an order or a payment at the table, and a Line Buster in Quick Services environments.


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