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We are not only a Industry Leading POS Reseller, We are Business Advisers

We have Supplied 1000's of Restaurants with Solutions, Our Partners have a Combined 60+ years of Experience in the Industry, and We Can Advise You and Save You, Time and Money in Automating your Business.

Free POS Systems have Revolutionized the POS industry, Instead of Purchasing the POS System Hardware, Software, and Services, We have a Better, Cost Effective FREE POS Offering for You.

How does it Work?

SaaS = System as a Subscription


Then we determine your Specifications,
for a (PRE-FI) PreFinanced POS System

+ Merchant Processing
= Lower Support Costs
+ Overnight Hardware Swap
+ Lower Merchant Fees
= No Money Down & Monthly Savings

PnP Pre-Fi POS will Provide State of the Art Touch Terminals & PC's, POS Printers, Cash Drawers, Credit Card Software, and EMV Processing Readers for FREE!. Everything is Shipped to You Networked.... with all Components Interfaced and Your Menu Programmed.... Ready To Go.... All you need to do is unbox it and Just... "PLUG AND PLAY"... and We will Login... Then "Test and Train" You, and Help you Every Step of the Way.

You just Need to Continue to Run your Business. We will Teach You all the Important Features, Controls, and Business Services we will Provide, and you will pay as little as $85/month for
Overnight Hardware Replacement, and Login Support.

You will Receive
Best in Class POS Software, All Hardware, and Payment Processing for Free!

Call us at 866 937-4767 with your Business Needs and we will Advise you on the Right System Configuration and Low Support Subscription for your Business.

Here is how PnP PRE-FI POS Works. Its a SaaS offering = "System as a Service"

Support as a Service is a Licensing and Implementation Model in which the Software, System Hardware, Support and Services are Bundled and Licensed to a Monthly Low Cost Amortized Pre-Financed Subscription, Eliminating all the Upfront Costs of Purchasing a Traditional POS System.

Take Advantage of our Purchasing Volume, and Select One of our our Very LOW System Support Subscriptions!

Here is what PnP FREE POS offers, that sets us apart from the Rest of the Industry:

Shipping & Setup

FREE Shipping to your Business

FREE Login Setup & Installation


FREE Best In Class SoftTouch POS Software

FREE Login Software Support

FREE Menu Build


FREE State of the Art POS Hardware

FREE Login Hardware Troubleshoot

FREE Next Day Shipment Replacement Hardware (If Necessary)

Credit Card Processing

FREE Integrated Credit Card Software

FREE EMV Readers

FREE Login Processing Support

So What are the Benefits of Pre-Fi POS Pay?

The Latest Technology Custom Tailored to your Business

Ongoing Tech Support with Next Day Hardware Replacement

EMV Compliant Processing with the Best Rates

No Costly Upfront Investment

Getting Started is Simple

Forget about the initial of purchasing a POS System, Negotiating for a Better Price and and Waiting for Weeks for Your System to Arrive. For Most Business Owners, Getting started with PnP FreePOS is as Simple as Filling Out Our Online Form. Get Started Now

1. Our Experienced Sales Agents will Help You to Determine the Right Free-POS Pay Solution that Works for your Business.

2. Once You Agree to the Subscription Service that Suits your Needs, Just Send us your Menu's and we Start to Work for You.

3. All Cabling and Network Hardware will arrive at your Business Promptly to set in Place In Preparation for the System Installation.

4. Shortly After that the POS System will arrive, Completely Networked with All Peripherals Tested and Labeled Prior, with Your Menu Installed and Ready to Operate. Just Plug it in and Start to Play

5. Our Professional Training Staff will login and Work with you in your Restaurant to Double Check the Setup, Operation, and Functionality. We will then schedule Owner/Manager Login Training Sessions to quickly familiarize You and Your Staff and Assist in the Initial Phase of Getting your POS System Up and Running.

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