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SmartHost by SoftTouch

An elegant and data-driven table management system for your front of the house. Custom floor plans, paging, table status notifications, reservations, and more. SmartHost has it all to put your table management on auto pilot.

SmartHost takes the guesswork out of Table Management.

Predictive Seating technology provides accurate wait time estimates, and table color coding shows table status updates and current course status.

What can SmartHost do for you

Revenue Maximization

SmartHost facilitates faster table management, quicker service delivery, and custom up-seating parameters. All focused on delivering excellent customer service while maximizing table revenue.


Our Predictive Seating technology provides accurate wait times based on both historical and real-time statistics. Robust features and reporting capabilities help you maximize your front of the house efficiency and revenue.

Labor Cost Savings

With SmartHost software integrated with our SoftTouch POS system, you’ll eliminate the need for roaming hosts and over-the-shoulder table management. More automation means less stress and more confident front of the house management.

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