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The premier POS system for table-top self-service. Fully integrated with SoftTouch POS, iTable enables your customers to start a guest check, place an order and process payment from a table-top or wall-mounted iPad. Customers can even split checks. The simple-to-follow screens make self-service a delight.

Guests place orders from a tablet device that's mounted to a table or booth.

SoftTouch iTable uses an intuitive user interface to quickly guide customers through the ordering process. Separate checks? No problem! Patrons can easily maintain their own guest check and pay independently from other guests at the same table.

What can iTable do for you?

Customer Satisfaction

iTable is a technology that enhances customer satisfaction by giving more control to your patrons over their dining experience. iTable is just one of many SoftTouch solutions that empower your guests with flexibility.

Labor Cost Savings

With customers self-ordering and self-paying, your servers will be able to manage more tables at once, while still keeping a smile on customers' faces. Labor costs will be reduced and tables will turn faster than ever.

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