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DineBlast QuickPay

Enables dine-in guests to use virtually any Internet enabled mobile device to access their check and pay with a credit card. Receipts are automatically emailed. Guests never have to surrender their credit card to restaurant staff.

What can DineBlast QuickPay do for you?

Turn Tables Faster

Your labor costs will be reduced and tables will turn faster than ever with a self-payment POS option for guests. Guests can render payment from virtually any wifi enabled mobile device with a browser.


In a world of ever-increasing mobile solutions, self-checkout is at the forefront. DineBlast QuickPay empowers your customers to conclude their dining experience without staff interaction. The SoftTouch workstations immediately indicate successful payment. DineBlast QuickPay saves you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.


As dining patrons become increasingly leery of surrendering their credit cards, DineBlast QuickPay offers an exceptional payment alternative. Customers keep their personal payment information in a secure cloud-based digital wallet and use it on-demand for guest checkout.

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