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Payment Processing with SoftTouch POS

Credit card theft is a serious problem. According to PrivacyRights.org more than 4,823 data breaches occurred in the last 10 years. That represents 898 million records with sensitive data stolen by cyber thieves. It’s imperative you protect your customers and your business from malicious data hackers.

We're PCI PA-DSS Validated.

PA-DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s highest recognition for secure payment point of sale applications. Where many POS solutions providers are bypassing PA-DSS requirements with “out-of-scope” designations, SoftTouch voluntarily submits to what is arguably the most rigorous examination and assessment of software development practices in the industry. Need an EMV solution? We've got that too.

It's our Badge of Honor.

The PCI PA-DSS validation can only be achieved after an exhaustive audit of over 300 data security requirements by an independent Qualified Security Assessor. For SoftTouch, PA-DSS is a badge of honor that is proudly displayed to show our dedication to quality software. And we’ve been wearing this badge of honor since the inception of this validation process by the Payment Card Industry over a decade ago.

What can SoftTouch PCI PA-DSS validation do for you?

Increased Guest Confidence

Guests are increasingly concerned about their credit card safety and whether or not merchants are taking the necessary precautions to safeguard their personal information. SoftTouch POS solutions are validated as safe and secure by the Payment Card Industry. That means both you and your guests can rest assured data is safe.

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