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iPOS Handheld

SoftTouch iPOS is a handheld solution for table-side ordering. It operates exclusively on iOS devices and fully integrates with SoftTouch POS for convenient access to guest checks from fixed workstations and mobile devices. SoftTouch iPOS allows each server to manage more tables while improving level of service. Frequent trips from tables to fixed workstations are virtually eliminated creating operational efficiency thereby lowering your labor costs.

What can iPOS do for you?

Table-Side Payments

Attach a conventional magnetic swipe reader and accept customer payments right at the table. While an EMV solution is currently under development, your customers can immediately enjoy the benefits of iPOS table-side payments with conventional processing.

Less Training Time

With an intuitive user interface, SoftTouch iPOS is simple to learn and easy to use. No proprietary graffiti strokes or timely handwriting recognition training required and because the app works with the SoftTouch POS system, similar interfaces and functionality make using iPOS second nature.

Increased Table Turns

Faster food and drink service and tableside checkout means customers will spend less time waiting at a table, freeing up room for new customers more quickly.

Reduced Order Entry Errors

Because servers don’t have to jot down an order and enter it at a POS station, errors are minimized and order accuracy is greatly improved.

Faster Service

Enabling servers to quickly send orders to the kitchen tableside means less time at a POS station inputting orders and more time on the floor attending to customers.

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