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Powerful Features for Restaurants and Bars

SoftTouch POS for Restaurants and Bars is meticulously designed for operational efficiency. Essential restaurant POS and bar POS functionality and advanced features empower you to run your business without compromise. With over 15 years of technological innovation, SoftTouch sets the standard for POS solutions in bars and restaurants.

Touchless SignOn

Touchless SignOn is the world's fastest and most reliable authentication technology in the POS industry. With our high-performance wristband technology, you'll speed up POS sign-on and eliminate manual pointand click logins.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores.

Mobile Dashboard and Reporting

With SoftTouch Mobile Dashboard and Mobile Reporting your information is reported directly from your store to your device. Internet-enabled, real-time reporting accessible from multiple locations and with any smartphone or tablet.

Table-Side (Handheld) Ordering

Increase table turns. Reduce labor costs. SoftTouch iPOS is ideal for servers, cocktail wait staff, host staff, management, and anyone else benefiting from table-side mobility.

More Great Features.

  • Table-top Ordering
  • Kiosk Ordering
  • DineBlast QuickPay
  • DineBlast Mobile Ordering
  • Integrated Online Ordering

Customer Experience

  • Loyalty and Gift Card
  • Floating Checks
  • Customer Paging

System Modes

  • Bar
  • Table Management
  • Takeout and Delivery


  • INFORM alert and automatic notification
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Cash Management
  • Advanced Tip Sharing
  • Mobile Dashboard and Reporting
  • Employee Contests
Even More
  • Guest Check Recall by CC
  • Liquor Dispenser Integration
  • Stock Count
  • Food Costing Integration
  • Hostess Module with SmartHost predictive forecasting
  • Pre-authorization Bar Tabs
  • Some features above may require additional Hardware or Software.
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