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SoftTouch POS Touchless SignOn

SoftTouch POS Touchless SignOn is meticulously designed for operational efficiency. Essential restaurant POS and bar POS functionality and advanced features empower you to run your business without compromise. With over 15 years of technological innovation, SoftTouch sets the standard for POS solutions in bars and restaurants.

Touchless SignOn

Touchless SignOn is the world's fastest and most reliable authentication technology in the POS industry. With our high-performance wristband technology, you'll speed up POS sign-on and eliminate manual point and click logins.

Touchless SignOn - Better Control

With this secure POS user authentication technology employee numbers can never be stolen or given out for inappropriate use such as erroneous order entry and check manipulations

Touchless SignOn - Faster Service

With Touchless Sign-on wristbands, servers never have to swipe a card or enter a security card to place, edit or cash out orders. This speeds up service and eliminates unnecessary frustrations brought on by traditional POS logon procedures.


  • Automatic sign-on within 3 inches of screen
  • Made of rugged silicone or nylon
  • Unaffected by grease and food stains
  • Waterproof

  • Integration with SoftTouch POS
  • About same cost as magnetic swipe cards
  • Automatic deactivation at end of shifts
  • No training necessary

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