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SoftTouch POS Upscale Dining

A combination of elegance and power elevates SoftTouch as an optimal solution for fine dining establishments. SoftTouch understands the sophistication of an upscale experience, which is why we developed powerful features specifically targeting customer experience and operational efficiency.

Floor Plans

Multiple, high resolution, custom floor plans provide coverage for your entire restaurant at the touch of a button. You may also choose to lock down a floor plan or section with our Quadrant Lockdown features.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications

SoftTouch INFORM technology monitors the stages of a guest's dining lifecycle. It provides real-time alerts and reporting metrics and it also features an upsell system designed to help wait staff recommend appetizers, drinks and more.

Automatic Coursing

The automatic coursing feature seamlessly integrates delayed order entry based on your specifications. This reduces entry errors by eliminating the need for servers to manually time the entry of each course.

More Great Features:


  • Automatic Coursing
  • Customer Paging


  • Customizable Floor Plans
  • Advanced Tip Sharing
  • Table Management with SmartHost predictive forecasting
  • Cash Management
  • Employee Scheduling


  • INFORM technology
  • Mobile Dashboard and Reporting
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