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SoftTouch POS for QSR

SoftTouch knows Quick Service! Our lightning-fast order entry will move customer lines quickly. And when you need that extra horsepower for those rush-hours, SoftTouch provides a wealth of on-demand line-busting solutions.

Counter Service

Special features for counter service allows you to run your quick service business with greater flexibility and control. Ideal for Pizzeria's, Sandwich Shops, Burger Business's, etc.

Loyalty and Gift Card

Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores.

QSR Delivery Functions

SoftTouch POS has everything you Need to Control Phone In Take Out and Delivery Orders. We will Track your Delivery Employees, to insure you don't incur any lost Income, and Whats worse than having a Delivery Never Arrive. SoftTouch POS will make sure you can control the Process and Keep your Valuable Customers Happy in a Timely Manner.

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