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Aldelo for Restaurants is a leading POS Software Product for the Hospitality Business Owner with over 100,000 Sites Installed.


  • ALDELO POS™ offers a solid solution for Cafetria's with Quick Counter Functions, and (oz) Scale Integration in the LITE version.
  • You can build your entire Cafetria's Menu, with easy to navigate Menu Groups, for Salads, Beverages, Sandwiches, Snacks etc. Aldelo Lite will track all your sales, and provide detailed Menu Item Reports, so for example, you can see how many Grilled Cheese or Turkey Sandwiches you sold last month, or more how many lbs of Salad were sold form your Salad Bar.
  • Aldelo Quick Service Mode allows the Operator to Cashier In and remain in a Quick Service Order Screen for continuous quick transactions.
  • Aldelo Lite also integrates with Aldelo EDC, so you can quickly run a Credit Card transaction at the POS Terminal.
  • Aldelo Lite allows for Weight Scale Interface to track & sell Items by the LB (Salad Bar, etc.)
  • Aldelo Lite has a "Chain" function that will the Cashier to Enter multiple trays and take a single payment.


  • Quick Service Counter Function
  • Split Payment Capable
  • Detailed Menu Item Reports by Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Weight Scale Capable to sell by the LB
  • And Much More!

If you need the option to Accept Gift Certificates, or Control Patron House Accounts, please look at our Full Service option, Aldelo Pro.

CALL TO LEARN MORE 866 937-4767