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Aldelo for Restaurants is a leading POS Software Product for the Hospitality Business Owner with over 100,000 Users.

Perfect for Full Service Asian Table & Delivery Restaurants

Multi-Lingual - English/Chinese Operation

  • ALDELO POS™ offers a solid solution for Table, Bar, and Delivery Chinese Food Business's with Quick Counter Functions, Visual Table Layout, Bar Tabs, Inventory, Gift Certificates, Frequent Diner, Labor Management and much more in the PRO version.
  • You can build your entire Chinese Food Menu, with easy to navigate Menu Groups, for Soups, Beverages, Lunch Specials, Entrees etc. Aldelo Pro will track all your sales, and provide detailed Menu Item Reports, so for example, you can see how many Egg Rolls you sold last month, or how many Shrimp & Lobster Sauce dishes were served.
  • You can also create Inventory Recipe Files that are linked to your Menu creating Real-time Inventory Tracking.
  • Aldelo Pro will allow your Wait-Staff to Manage Tables with a Cover Count Tracking and Hibachi Table.
  • Your Bartenders can eaily create and manage Bar Tabs by simply swiping a Credit Card.
  • Delivery Orders are captured by Phone Number Caller ID. Delivery Orders are tracked with the Aldelo Driver Dispatch Feature, so you will know when the order was placed, when it left, and when the Driver returns.
  • Aldelo Pro integrates with Aldelo EDC, so you can quickly run a Credit Card transaction at the POS Terminal.
  • All this and much more with one of the industrys most cost effective price points.


  • Multi-Lingual Operation - Chinese / English
  • Bar Tabs Created with Credit Card Pre-Auth
  • 2 Cash Drawers Available at the Same Bar Station
  • Visual Table Floor Plan
  • Hibachi Table Tracking
  • Hostess Function w/ Reservations and Wait-List
  • Cover Count Tracking
  • Split Guest Check Capable
  • Split Payment Capable
  • Secure Wait-Staff Bank Tracking
  • Labor Clock-In Management w/Scheduling
  • Gift Certificate (Card) Tracking - Sell & Redeem
  • Customer Loyalty Tracking - Frequent Diner
  • Quick Serv Cash Bar Function
  • Quick Re-Order Drink Round Function
  • And Much More!

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