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973 887-4499

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Aldelo Direct Software Support 24/7
CALL ALDELO DIRECT AT - 925 215-5634
Requires AFR-106 Aldelo Annual Support Contract

AFR-106 Aldelo Annual Support Contract @$595.00 - BUY NOW

HARDWARE SUPPORT - Contact Hardware Vendors Directly - Have Serial #'s Ready
Vendor Phone #'s Below.

BEMATECH - 516 248-0400
DELL - 877 861-3355
EPSON - 800 234-1445
METROLOGIC - 856 537-6400
MS CASH DRAWER - 800 544-1749
POSX - 800 790-8657
PROTECH - 888 776-9767
SAMSUNG BIXILON - 800 333-4949
STAR MICRONICS - 800 782-7636
WHOOZ CALLING - 800 240-4637
RT POS - 800 201-4920


1. All Hardware is unpacked w/Burn-in for a minimum of 48 Hrs before shipping unless requested sooner.

2. Software is installed, Windows is configured for optimum POS performance, including Windows updates.

3. Hardware is connected with all drivers installed, and hardware is configured to work with Aldelo software.

4. Multi-Terminal configurations - will include Windows advanced network TCP/IP configuration and testing.

5. All necessary cabling will be included with respective POS hardware, with easy instructions and port labeling for you to unpack, then Plug and Play. Network Cabling for POS Stations and Remote Printers & Peripherals Connection to your network router is the responsibility of the Purchaser unless otherwise quoted.

6. We provide per station login time free of charge, based on your system configuration to complete your system setup and train you on the POS system operation.

7. Onsite system setup & training is available at a charge of $125.00 per hour in the NYC metro area. Call us for availability of onsite support & training in other areas through our reseller network.


CALL 973 887-4499

1. We provide 1/2 hr per software license, phone support or login time, free of charge, to setup the software registration and train you on the POS software operation. All additional login setup and training is subject to a $75.00 per 1/2 hour charge.

2. PLUG AND PLAY POS SYSTEMS LLC is not responsible for any Windows O/S incompatibility or corruption causing Aldelo POS to function improperly upon software installation.

3. Networking of your POS PCs and or terminals and all POS hardware not supplied by us being used with Aldelo software purchased from us is subject to $75.00 per half hour login support charges.


CALL 973 887-4499

1. You can contact us Mon/Fri 9am to 5pm for ongoing Aldelo POS software support. Software support includes Aldelo operation questions, system options changes, system malfunctions, It does not include Aldelo database management, such as menu changes, inventory maintenance, time & attendance maintenence, etc.

2. You can contact us Mon/Fri 9am to 5pm for EDC support on Sterling, Mercury, Cayan and Open Edge.

3. For First Data, TSYS, Paymentech, Global, & Heartland EDC support, contact your processor directly

4. You can contact us Mon/Fri 9am to 5pm for Hardware Issues, Please note that all the hardware we sell is Aldelo Certified and comes with a direct manufacturer warranty, so hardware failures will be directed to the manufacturers tech support for repair or replacement. Any Login support to reconfigure hardware replaced or repaired by the manufacturer is subject to $75.00 per half hour login support charges.

5. All POS software, hardware, hardware integration, that is damaged by burglary, misuse, storm damage, etc. is subject to $75.00 per half hour login support charges to download, reinstall, rebuild, or repair damage to the system.


1. ALDELO Custom Menu Programming - Our staff can quickly program your custom menu, with all modifiers and food prep questions needed to run your operation smoothly. Most menu's can be set for a $200.00 to $400.00 programming fee. Have a very large menu? Fax us your menu for a cost effective quote. (973 887-6506)

2. ALDELO Custom Streets Database Programming - Our staff can quickly program your local streets database to allow you run your delivery customer database operation smoothly. A 1000 street database can be loaded for an average of $250.00. Contact us with your needs. Call us at (973 887-4499)

3. Per Incident Phone & Login Support - For support not covered above, a $75.00 per incident charge will apply, up to 30 minutes time provided per incident.

CALL US (Mon - Fri / 9am - 5pm EST)
973 887-4499