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ALDELO ™ offers a reliable interface to Online Orders Now.  A fully integrated internet ordering system. Your customers access the online ordering menu using a standard web browser. After which, they can browse menu items, choose desired selections, select additional options and side items, and designate payment options. Once the order is placed, the software automatically places it into the restaurant’s POS system which instantly prints the order on kitchen and receipt printers.

LARGER TICKETS Customers order an average of 30% more online than over the phone or at the counter since the customer feels more comfortable taking their time exploring the menu and building their order. Online Orders Now presents your entire menu to the customer including modifiers. Customers can easily find what they want and order it just the way they like it.

AUTOMATIC UPSELLS The Online Orders Now system never forgets to ask customers if they’d like fries with that.

DELIVERY AREA MAPPING Customers can see exactly where your restaurant is located and your delivery area with a single click.

REDUCED CREDIT CARD FEES  Online Orders Now is fully certified and backed by many Authorized Merchant Service Providers including:

Mercury Payment Systems
Payment Processing, Inc.
Sterling Payment Processing

MULTIPLE LOCATION SUPPORT If you have multiple locations, each location can have a unique set of
menu items and prices while maintaining a single consistent online presence.

ADMINISTRATION MENU Your manager account allows you to modify menu items and other settings at anytime.

• Change Pricing
• Temporarily remove an item
• Change Delivery Times


Restaurant Mobile Apps for Android & I-Phones  We build you, your restaurant name/ logo app and place in the Android & I
Phone market place. This allows your customers a free download of your Restaurant named app to their phone for access to your
menu in a mobile format. This also allows you to offer specials to all customers who download your app and show it to
your employees whether it be dine in, pick up or delivery, to increase sales further. (Available for additional cost.)

Instant Website  This option is for restaurants that do not have a website but want the look of one along with their menu.
We build Home page with your info and all your menu links, just give us your domain name. (Available for additional cost)

Party Platter Menu Have separate menus for regular or catering orders.

Themed Menu Building  Created to match your website theme

Modifiers  Up to 70 modifiers per item

Automatic Suggested Upsells
  Increse ticket prices up to 20%

Geo-coded Delivery  Delivery area mapped by street

Multi Language Support  Choose up to 5 different languages

Coupons, Discounts and Packages

Email and Cell Phone Marketing Customers can opt-in to SMS texts or emails

With Online Orders Now Online Ordering, your restaurant will see an immediate increase in volume,
greater market penetration, higher average ticket amounts, and lower net costs.

We make getting your restaurant started with online ordering easy. Online Orders Now’s
innovative installation and setup process can have you taking internet orders in as little as 2 weeks. 

PRICING - Call us at - 866 937-4767

$695.00 - Includes Complete Setup, and Menu Database Conversion
$59.00 - Per month for hosting with unlimited transactions



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